PowerPoint in WordPress

PowerPoint files can be included via your online Google Drive storage space

There’s no reason you can’t include a PowerPoint Slide gallery in your WordPress post! You can store your pptx files on your online “Google Drive” with 15GB of storage space!

PowerPoint in WordPress

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Women in Tech from ENIAC to MOM

This gallery contains 10 photos.

This is an example of using REBLOG within the WordPress Reader. This is a very interesting piece of history that very few people have even heard about. Thanks to Nursing Clio and the WordPress Reader!

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Reader is the WordPress Search Engine

WordPress has its own Search Engine called Reader

Reader-blogs-I-followOnce you get started with WordPress, it’s a good idea to check out other examples of what people are blogging about, and that is best done using Reader.  At the top of the Reader options is Blogs I Follow…what are they up to this week?


Reader lets you define your own list of “Tags” to search for

Reader-tags-once-upon-a-timeThis is when you go beyond just the familiar Blogs I Follow and out into Deep Space. Have some fun and explore the possibilities! This could even be for a TV show on Netflix that you follow and wonder “Am I the only one that follows this?” Just as you use tags with your posts, so does everyone else, to make it easier to search for just those blogs that either interest you or you may want to compare against your own.

Reader “radar” lets you you see where others are and what they’re doing for comparison

Reader-tags-retirementWhether you’re a foodie, travel blogger or cause evangelist,  it couldn’t hurt to see what others doing with the same basic viewpoint and material. Whether you want to run in the middle of the pack, or go “point”, this is the easiest way to see where you may fit in.


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Post publish edit and update cycle

Post publish edit and update is an iterative process

When it comes to the basic Post Blog element in WordPress, you could have “paralysis through analysis”, a form of writers block that makes you fret over every sentence. It’s like MS worrying over DOS 1.0  instead of envisioning future improved versions. Keep it simple, make it work, then improve and add more content/functionality.

 Some worry this can make a poor first impression

A bigger worry would be if each gem you produced took way too much time and effort to be an efficient use of time. With a second-look on the second day or whatever, it’s easier to make incremental changes and additions rather than have a Post failure to launch.


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Writing and the Road to WordPress

Retirement and remembering your place in things

BC Tel VeteransIn 2003, after a 27 year career in telecommunications, I looked back at all the interesting things I had the privilege of doing while working with a great bunch of people. It just so happened that a large group of us happened to leave at the same time with a very generous package, like it was preordained and a golden opportunity not to be missed.  It was like a changing of the guard and I wanted to try and build some kind of website that people of my era could go to and maybe keep in touch and share pictures. It was a new way to writing a memoir and sharing those times.

HTML era Social Media site

With pictures and text, the basic idea was to write a story of what we did and share some related stories as well…like a primeval BC Tel\TELUS Facebook “page” before it even existed!  Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb 04,2004 and  by Sep 2010, with the movie “The Social Network” suddenly everyone realized the power it offered.

Context mixed with structure and style, like Babylonian text

The more I got into HTML and CSS Websites with my next website, the more I realized that the Achilles Heel of this method was in the updating. Separating the Style instructions from the Structure and Content was a huge improvement, but it still was a royal pain for anyone or any entity trying to maintain or update their own website. Writing stories took a backseat to the structures and elements used to present the story.

May 27 2003 WordPress initial release date

It turned out that the answer was in a CMS or Content Management System called WordPress and started while I was still working at BC Tel/TELUS! I didn’t even hear about it until 2007 while taking courses at VCC for my “PID” or Provincial Instructor Program diploma. There already was an established course on HTML websites so the first course I ended up teaching was on Internet Security, and covered malware Windows Registry autoruns and their detection. After the Facebook Movie came out, suddenly the course market changed overnight and Facebook courses, then Social Media courses were popular.


Comparing the Social Media options, the more I like WordPress

From Twitter to Facebook to HTML website to WordPress CMS, I explored the various options and applications people were looking for, and the more WordPress seemed to offer the best overall platform for a web presence as well as comment preview and moderation for trolls. It was a long and twisting path but now I see a system that lets anyone have a presence that can be expanded by self-hosting and offers almost limitless expansion.




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Stories in Technical Writing

Some of the best stories come from High Tech

If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak don’t have enough good stories for a movie, then there’s always Bill Gates and a host of epic corporate battles that became Business School case-study classics.

My favorite was about the suits from IBM going to the small town of Pacific Grove, California, hoping to get an operating system for the new IBM PC.

WordPress itself is an interesting story

A true Social Media success story, right out of Hollywood,  not to mention Facebook and it’s Hollywood movie based on the adventures of Mark Zuckerberg!

Technical Writing : a story behind cold facts

Allan Turing and ENIAC are two very good examples with a WWII backdrop and “secret weapon” claim to fame.

Emotional Connection helps to remember facts

An event, story or even music can help you remember other things. I learned this while taking the PID or Provincial Instructor Diploma program at VCC in Vancouver. The classic example they used was the Kennedy assassination, where everyone remembers where they were at the time.


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WordPress Sites Ring

WordPress lets you build lots of Content sites

As writer, you may create lots of content in different areas. WordPress lets you create multiple sites, as I have done, all on different areas related to your gateway site, like WordPress303.wordpress.com. Think of it as creating your own Writer’s Mall.


Try out different  story genres and site Themes all at the same time.

Some people are just “Born To Write” and the more prolific you are, the more you could use more focused sites. You may find a better response to your adventure stories versus romance, or your erotic fiction may be what people really like ( even more than your travel blogs ). These “Trial Balloons” could come in handy if you’re even thinking of quitting your Day Job!

Don’t forget the power of a good image to set the mood

Katie and Lexie at Alouette Lake at sunset

In the course of your travels, think about those pictures you’ve taken that evoke emotion. In my case, it’s scenes from the BC rainforest around Alouette Lake, Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, or the old Berlin Wall. Many pictures define a time as well as place, so don’t forget the old family chemical-camera pictures.

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WordPress for Writers

If you know a writer, tell them how WordPress works

Today I read an interesting Post on WordPress from Kari, to paraphrase that, in the end, we are all just stories. Someday, people will just look back and our lives will be just scraps of stories and who will care how much money we made or how much overtime we worked? That’ s when I got to thinking of people I know who are writers, and quite good ones at that, who have not yet used WordPress.  Writers whose work may still be on old diskettes from long ago obsolete PC hardware.   People with much to say and share who have been stuck in the old, almost medieval by comparison, ways of “publishing” their work.

From Technical writing to Science Fiction and fantasy

The range of stories is not limited in any way, and ranges from the more mundane technical aspects of  using  a Word Processer to boldly going where no writer has gone before and Saving The Galaxy from accountants.

CMS makes it easy

No more  arcane “Harry Potter” HTML Code invocations to get  content onto a webpage or online! Its like moving from “The DOS Ages” to Windows 7 and the iPad. WordPress looks after all the underlying HTML wizardry and lets its CMS Content Management System put your content into its database where it then generates a “webpage” on the fly.

Chronological Blog as well as static “Page”

WordPress lets you combine a dated Blog ( way beyond the cellphone texting limits of Twitter) with “Pages” or content that can be accessed via a menu on the Main page itself.

Search for categories and story “tags” to find content of interest

This is like having your own Google Search Engine for your stories and musings. After doing this myself, I discovered an amazing trove of interesting content, with something for virtually any interest. The idea of actually getting feedback, other than from your immediate family, is also very appealing.

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Post Menu Item

Pages are obvious Menu items, but not the only ones

Without the “tags” and “categories” of Posts to search for, Pages rely on a Navigation Menu or links inside other content elements. With Posts, you also have the choice of using a Menu appearance.

Posts can be a Menu item, with a click and drag into the Menu Structure

If you look at the Menu Structure image shown below and examine the area to the left UNDER the Page items, you see

  • Posts
  • Links
  • Categories
  • Tags

even Format! Make a Post “selection” from the list of your Posts then click on “Add to Menu”. It’s just that simple!





The same “Click and Drag” for Pages works for Posts : and puts them within the Menu Structure

Posts are normally “time-sensitive” content but don’t that designation stop you from using Menu access to them!



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The codex.wordpress.org/ is the reference guide to self-hosting

When you want to take off the “training wheels”, have full access to your theme code and set up your own web host, check out the Codex. Think of it as the “Secrets of the WordPress Masters” and realize that WordPress is with you every step of your journey! Example: codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Keep a free theme you like, then create a Child Theme with small changes

Modern programming is built on OOP, or Object Oriented Programming, and a key component is the idea of Object Inheritance.  The terms are quite simple, as in Parent and Child. The Child inherits all the Parent abilities and also allows for its own individuality to function.

In terms of a theme style, the Child Style CSS lets you easily personalize those things of the Parent Style you want to change.


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