WordPress for Writers

If you know a writer, tell them how WordPress works

Today I read an interesting Post on WordPress from Kari, to paraphrase that, in the end, we are all just stories. Someday, people will just look back and our lives will be just scraps of stories and who will care how much money we made or how much overtime we worked? That’ s when I got to thinking of people I know who are writers, and quite good ones at that, who have not yet used WordPress.  Writers whose work may still be on old diskettes from long ago obsolete PC hardware.   People with much to say and share who have been stuck in the old, almost medieval by comparison, ways of “publishing” their work.

From Technical writing to Science Fiction and fantasy

The range of stories is not limited in any way, and ranges from the more mundane technical aspects of  using  a Word Processer to boldly going where no writer has gone before and Saving The Galaxy from accountants.

CMS makes it easy

No more  arcane “Harry Potter” HTML Code invocations to get  content onto a webpage or online! Its like moving from “The DOS Ages” to Windows 7 and the iPad. WordPress looks after all the underlying HTML wizardry and lets its CMS Content Management System put your content into its database where it then generates a “webpage” on the fly.

Chronological Blog as well as static “Page”

WordPress lets you combine a dated Blog ( way beyond the cellphone texting limits of Twitter) with “Pages” or content that can be accessed via a menu on the Main page itself.

Search for categories and story “tags” to find content of interest

This is like having your own Google Search Engine for your stories and musings. After doing this myself, I discovered an amazing trove of interesting content, with something for virtually any interest. The idea of actually getting feedback, other than from your immediate family, is also very appealing.


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One Response to WordPress for Writers

  1. diwanderer says:

    This makes so much sense! I haven’t published my science fiction and fantasy yet but my blogs are out there! I know I have to get better at catagories but that will happen.

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