WordPress Sites Ring

WordPress lets you build lots of Content sites

As writer, you may create lots of content in different areas. WordPress lets you create multiple sites, as I have done, all on different areas related to your gateway site, like WordPress303.wordpress.com. Think of it as creating your own Writer’s Mall.


Try out different  story genres and site Themes all at the same time.

Some people are just “Born To Write” and the more prolific you are, the more you could use more focused sites. You may find a better response to your adventure stories versus romance, or your erotic fiction may be what people really like ( even more than your travel blogs ). These “Trial Balloons” could come in handy if you’re even thinking of quitting your Day Job!

Don’t forget the power of a good image to set the mood

Katie and Lexie at Alouette Lake at sunset

In the course of your travels, think about those pictures you’ve taken that evoke emotion. In my case, it’s scenes from the BC rainforest around Alouette Lake, Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, or the old Berlin Wall. Many pictures define a time as well as place, so don’t forget the old family chemical-camera pictures.


About Chuck Bryan

Life is an Open Book Exam, so take good notes along the way
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