Stories in Technical Writing

Some of the best stories come from High Tech

If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak don’t have enough good stories for a movie, then there’s always Bill Gates and a host of epic corporate battles that became Business School case-study classics.

My favorite was about the suits from IBM going to the small town of Pacific Grove, California, hoping to get an operating system for the new IBM PC.

WordPress itself is an interesting story

A true Social Media success story, right out of Hollywood,  not to mention Facebook and it’s Hollywood movie based on the adventures of Mark Zuckerberg!

Technical Writing : a story behind cold facts

Allan Turing and ENIAC are two very good examples with a WWII backdrop and “secret weapon” claim to fame.

Emotional Connection helps to remember facts

An event, story or even music can help you remember other things. I learned this while taking the PID or Provincial Instructor Diploma program at VCC in Vancouver. The classic example they used was the Kennedy assassination, where everyone remembers where they were at the time.



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