Writing and the Road to WordPress

Retirement and remembering your place in things

BC Tel VeteransIn 2003, after a 27 year career in telecommunications, I looked back at all the interesting things I had the privilege of doing while working with a great bunch of people. It just so happened that a large group of us happened to leave at the same time with a very generous package, like it was preordained and a golden opportunity not to be missed.  It was like a changing of the guard and I wanted to try and build some kind of website that people of my era could go to and maybe keep in touch and share pictures. It was a new way to writing a memoir and sharing those times.

HTML era Social Media site

With pictures and text, the basic idea was to write a story of what we did and share some related stories as well…like a primeval BC Tel\TELUS Facebook “page” before it even existed!  Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb 04,2004 and  by Sep 2010, with the movie “The Social Network” suddenly everyone realized the power it offered.

Context mixed with structure and style, like Babylonian text

The more I got into HTML and CSS Websites with my next website, the more I realized that the Achilles Heel of this method was in the updating. Separating the Style instructions from the Structure and Content was a huge improvement, but it still was a royal pain for anyone or any entity trying to maintain or update their own website. Writing stories took a backseat to the structures and elements used to present the story.

May 27 2003 WordPress initial release date

It turned out that the answer was in a CMS or Content Management System called WordPress and started while I was still working at BC Tel/TELUS! I didn’t even hear about it until 2007 while taking courses at VCC for my “PID” or Provincial Instructor Program diploma. There already was an established course on HTML websites so the first course I ended up teaching was on Internet Security, and covered malware Windows Registry autoruns and their detection. After the Facebook Movie came out, suddenly the course market changed overnight and Facebook courses, then Social Media courses were popular.


Comparing the Social Media options, the more I like WordPress

From Twitter to Facebook to HTML website to WordPress CMS, I explored the various options and applications people were looking for, and the more WordPress seemed to offer the best overall platform for a web presence as well as comment preview and moderation for trolls. It was a long and twisting path but now I see a system that lets anyone have a presence that can be expanded by self-hosting and offers almost limitless expansion.





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