Reader is the WordPress Search Engine

WordPress has its own Search Engine called Reader

Reader-blogs-I-followOnce you get started with WordPress, it’s a good idea to check out other examples of what people are blogging about, and that is best done using Reader.  At the top of the Reader options is Blogs I Follow…what are they up to this week?


Reader lets you define your own list of “Tags” to search for

Reader-tags-once-upon-a-timeThis is when you go beyond just the familiar Blogs I Follow and out into Deep Space. Have some fun and explore the possibilities! This could even be for a TV show on Netflix that you follow and wonder “Am I the only one that follows this?” Just as you use tags with your posts, so does everyone else, to make it easier to search for just those blogs that either interest you or you may want to compare against your own.

Reader “radar” lets you you see where others are and what they’re doing for comparison

Reader-tags-retirementWhether you’re a foodie, travel blogger or cause evangelist,  it couldn’t hurt to see what others doing with the same basic viewpoint and material. Whether you want to run in the middle of the pack, or go “point”, this is the easiest way to see where you may fit in.



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