WordPress CMS : A “Content Management System”

In a nutshell, WordPress started in 2003, and soon enabled anyone to have a Web Journal or Blog with CMS. This then became a huge revolution in the creation of websites, as well as the way site content updates were handled.

The CMS approach looks after three of the four main areas of a “conventional HTML/CSS & JavaScript” website

A Conventional website has 4 main components: Structure( HTML), Style( CSS), Functionality ( JavaScript) and finally the Content. A traditional Website Builder would provide the first three components and then use you, or your minions, to provide the Content( Text, images, PDFs )! Updates? That will cost you…

With CMS, your default “Home” Page is already built, with a layout structure and defined style. Even the functional “utilities” are in place.

You then just have to learn the basic steps to use the CMS “Dashboard” or Control Panel to “move-in” all your personal content and then connect to whatever functional utility services you want. You don’t need to be an HTML or CSS guru, let alone how to build a traditional website, to create a web presence for your cause or business. It’s like the move from DOS to Windows…if you can use the WordPress Dashboard user-interface, you can have your own web presence.

CMS means you don’t need to pay someone to add and edit new content each time you update!

This by itself is a huge reason to go with a CMS based web presence! I’ve heard from many different people who are in situations where each update has its price and as a consequence the site is less frequently updated.

Best of all, CMS lets you easily “try on” a new layout, style or features and then simply use the new Theme!

WordPress has a whole catalog of free as well as paid “themes” to choose from for whatever web style you’re looking for. I’m so impressed by what WordePress offers, that I decided to share this, via WordPress, with everyone

Look for the name of the theme used at the bottom of a WordPress Site

At the bottom of a hosted WordPress site Home Page, is the name of the Theme used. Check out other such sites and see which themes you like.  Some themes have special features that others don’t and vice versa. Like clothes and houses, there is no such thing as the “perfect” theme for everybody and every occasion.



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