Pages need a menu ( Navbar ) for access

This comes from the classic HTML\CSS “website” definition, with the horizontal and vertical page-link menus


 The WordPress “Menu Structure” then shows a vertical stack of your menu choices


New menu items appear at the bottom of the Menu Structure

“Click and drag” the new menu item and insert it into the order you want

Note the “Move” option” to “Under Page”! Very important!

The Menu, like the Page, can have a hierarchical structure.

This means that our Menu page can also be made into a sub-menu, to access a sub-page under the top Page menu.

Sub-Menu: click and drag a menu item to the right

In terms of our Menu Structure, this appears as an “indented menu item” inside the Menu Structure, which can be achieved via a text selection like the “Move” “Under Page” we saw earlier!





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