Post List Icons and Horizontal Line

 Iconic Images, text wrap and horizontal lines

Expert List item 1

12092012753Add text then position image to the left as an “icon”. This works for things like “brand icons”. In this example, the “brand” is Lake Louise, recognized around the world needing only a small icon to make the point. Then onto the next item! Note how the caption makes its own space below the image for the text flow.

Expert List item 2

EmeraldLake_canoe_rentalAgain, add the text first, THEN add the image and position it to the left as a “brand icon”. Finally, we will add at least one more Expert List Item for a minimum content of three items.  More items are better but probably no more than say 10 at a time. Whatever the limit, be consistent!

Expert List Item 3

Katie and Lexie at Alouette Lake at sunset

Alouette Lake at sunset

More text is added first, then another iconic picture is inserted and positioned to the left of it.

In this case I did an “Enter” or “carriage-return” to add a blank line and move the remaining text down to this point. Type enough and it will still “wrap around” to underneath the “iconic image” as is shown here.





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List Post with Images

List Post with Images : Like a list on steroids

A few of “my favorite Canadian things”

1 : Lake Louise

All that’s missing is a mountie in a red canoe serenading some damsel


Lake Louise

2 : Emerald Lake, BC

We had to buy the red plaid jackets!


Emerald Lake canoe rental and souvenirs

3: Alouette Lake, Maple Ridge

How many places, close to a major world-class city, have this in their backyard?


Alouette Lake at the southern limit of the Great Bear Rainforest

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A List is another form of content container besides the paragraph, it’s the outline view

Some people just want the Outline View of what you are blogging about. Just the list items please with any excess verbiage or chit-chat.

Lists in WordPress can be as simple as using the New Post editor List icons


Bulleted List

  •  My first point or Bulleted List item #1
  • Another PowerPoint bullet i’d like to make
  • My final point

Step-by-step or “top-ten” list

  1. Make this list
  2. Check it every day
  3. Clean out all the accomplished or forsaken items

Link List

This can be a list of links to follow, which is another way of saying a “navigation menu”


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Image Alignment

Image alignment is how the image fits in with the text

In its simplest form, we beginDSCF0338 with a simple paragraph and then insert an image in one of the two main ways, either left or right align. Make sure you have at least a few lines of text before the first image! Then Insert the image. The idea is to have some layout variety. If the text is extended, it then goes on to the next line under the picture as is shown here.

Here is a new paragraph, so now we insert the image on the right side.The rest of the text DSCF0338then appears on the left side of the image as is shown here. A theme like twenty-ten works better with its wider main-content area.


Left-Align and Right-Align buttons are the key!

Note in the image below how the right-align button is operated for the right-align image, and vice versa!


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Windows Live Writer Editor

Windows Live Writer is the MS answer to BlogPad Pro ( iPad ) and OffLine Blogging

The “Editor” is pure Microsoft and very easy to use, exactly what you would expect considering their resources

These comments were then added in to the “draft” version appearing within the WordPress Dashboard > Posts


Home Tab > Publish area >Post Draft To Blog > WordPress 101

When you open the blog you selected, you find a draft version of the post along with your existing posts. Make any last minute edits within the WordPress Editor, then Publish from within WordPress!


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Suburbia Theme

Suburbia Theme with 3 column Page and widget sidebar

Suburbia theme 3-column “Page” with SideBar widgets

  • SideBar “text” widget for author comments about the page
  • Heading Levels used to add a version of “gray bar” bullet points
  • Image widgets used to provide link to Main WordPress site
  • and a link to the “Mothership” HTML/CSS Website that started it all

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Windows Live Writer

Offline Blogger

There’s no reason to feel tethered to a desktop PC to blog or add content to your WordPress site presence. Whether you are on the road in the south of France or commuting by train, you can use the offline time to add content to your blog/WordPress then “sync” your presence when you’re back in Wi-Fi range

iPad has BlogPad Pro and Windows has Windows Live Writer

My Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8 laptop both use “Windows Live Writer” which is a free download that is part of “Windows Essentials” free download.

The point is to make blogging as easy as possible, whatever the operating system, hardware platform, off-line or connected to wi-fi.


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test post from ipad

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BlogPad Pro post from iPad

Use an iPad while traveling away from wifi

Then, when you have wifi access, sync to the WordPress Mothership
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Offline Posts via BlogPad Pro

Offline Posts: While on a roadtrip or vacation

Diana travels a lot, likes to blog about it, and has an iPad. This is what led me to first explore the options for Offline Blogging

iPad App that lets you work offline, sync later

If you’re travelling in the south of France, you may not find WiFi around every corner. This is where the iPad BlogPad Pro app comes in.

Work in Airplane Mode then “sync” your content when online

You can even download posts to your iPad prior to leaving on a wifi-less trip, edit them and then “sync” the changes to the WordPress Mothership


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