A WordPress Theme provides the site Structure, Style and Functionality

  • Structure includes such things as the number of columns, header size
  • Style includes colors, layout, fonts, header image
  • Functionality is provided via Sidebar and Footer area Widgets, or CodeBots

Theme serves as the index.html page

Coming from an HTML website background, I look at WordPress in terms I am already familiar with.  So the idea of WordPress “pages” and subpages seems totally reasonable  compared to WordPress also offering  a “blog” stream. That’s because traditional websites have “pages” beyond the home page which are accesable via “links” but they do not have a simple chronological “blog” feature.

WordPress101 uses the WordPress theme “twenty-fourteen”, the latest “default” free theme

It is full-width, and supports a sidebar on each side of the Content. There is actually a wide selection of “free” Themes to choose from!

Themes are like clothes, “Try on” themes, and change your mind

It’s easy to “preview” a new theme to see how it fits your “style” and purpose. From “suit” to “jeans and leather jacket” or “office-casual” and all the in-betweens! Best of all, it’s just as easy to go back to your original theme

Paid “Premium” themes for $99 a year, and “Business” themes for $299 per year

As you move up the theme-chain to a “Haute Coutur” blogsite


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